PortaCurl USB Lash Curler

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Use the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler to change the way your lashes look. Its sophisticated pen-shaped tool allows you to create curls that stay in place all day without clumping. It gets hot very quickly. Its anti-damage technology and small size make it perfect for touch-ups and travel. Improving your beauty routine is simple.

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Experience the ultimate in lash styling with the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler. This inventive tool creates sleek, long-lasting curls without requiring pinching or tugging. Its heated comb gently lifts and separates each lash to create a natural look devoid of clumps and creases.

Its anti-damage design protects and enhances the natural beauty of your lashes. With its small size and low weight, the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler is an ideal accessory for gorgeous lashes at any time and place. It can be easily stored in your makeup bag.

Precise Application

Our Leek’s pen-shaped design makes applying curls simple and accurate, resulting in salon-caliber curls.

Constant Warmth

Cutting-edge heating technology guarantees glossy, long-lasting curls without causing lash damage.

USB Rechargeable

Your curler will always be ready to use if you use an environmentally friendly USB charger, which also cuts down on battery waste.

Travel Friendly

Small and light, ideal for touch-ups while out and about in your makeup bag.

Frequent Asking Question

Browse through our FAQs to find what you need to know.

How do I use the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler?

Turn on the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler and allow it to warm up for a few seconds before using. Using the heated comb, work your way up your lashes, beginning at the base, to seal in the curl. Hold the stance for a brief period of time. To get the intended result, repeat as necessary.

Is the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler safe for my lashes?

Yes, an anti-damage mechanism built into the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler guarantees uniform heat distribution while shielding your lashes from harm. It does not pull, tug, or pinch as it gently lifts and curls.

How long does the curl last?

Your curls will stay in place all day with the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler. The cutting-edge heating technology guarantees defined curls that last a long time and don't need to be touched up often.

How do I clean the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler?

Make sure your lash curler is completely cool and turned off before cleaning it. To remove any leftover material from the comb, use a gentle, dry cloth. In order to preserve the device's integrity, do not use water or harsh chemicals.

Can I use the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler with mascara?

Yes, you can use mascara or not with the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler. For optimal effects, curl your lashes first, then use mascara to accentuate and set the curl.

How long does it take to recharge the PortaCurl USB Lash Curler?

The PortaCurl USB Lash Curler takes around an hour or two to fully charge. With its extended battery life following a charge, your curler will always be prepared for use when you need it.
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