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Getting salon-quality lashes is simple with the GlowCurl USB LashStyler. With the quick heat-up time of this unique lash curler, you can have gorgeous, long-lasting curled lashes anywhere.

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Transform your lashes with the GlowCurl USB LashStyler! Say goodbye to traditional lash curlers and hello to new level of effortless beauty. The GlowCurl USB LashStyler can produce stunning, salon-quality curls in matter of seconds. Your lashes will stay gorgeously curled all day without causing any damage thanks to its low heat technology.

It’s perfect for touch-ups on the go because it’s USB rechargeable and incredibly portable. The ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and makes it simple to consistently produce results that are professional. The GlowCurl USB LashStyler is your go-to tool for enhancing your natural beauty, whether you’re getting ready for a busy workday or a night out with friends. With GlowCurl, you can embrace the confidence that comes with having perfect lashes and add a little glamour to every occasion. Invest in one now, and let your eyes sparkle!.

No Clumps

Our curler comb separates and curls eyelashes without clumping because of its exact shape.

Safe & Clean

Heats up without coming into contact with the eyelids, so there are no ripped lashes or smudged makeup.

Versatile Heat

With three temperature settings, you can easily manage soft, hard, or false lashes by selecting the perfect setting.

Fast & Lasting

With just ten to fifteen seconds of heating time, the GlowCurl USB LashStyler gives you gorgeously curled eyelashes that stay in place all day. Its cutting-edge heating technology guarantees a rapid and effective curl, allowing you to easily and quickly enjoy gorgeous, long-lasting lashes.

Frequent Asked Question

Browse through our FAQs to find what you need to know.

Is the GlowCurl USB LashStyler suitable for all types of lashes?

Indeed, the GlowCurl USB LashStyler is designed to work well with a variety of lash types, including natural lashes, extensions, and fake lashes.

Can I use the GlowCurl USB LashStyler while it's charging?

No, it is advised not to use the LashStyler while it is plugged in and charging for safety reasons.

How long does it take to notice results with the GlowCurl USB LashStyler?

With the LashStyler, you can get gorgeously curled lashes in an instant. However, we advise incorporating it regularly into your beauty routine for the best results.

Is the GlowCurl USB LashStyler waterproof?

Our product is designed to withstand regular use of beauty products even though it is not waterproof. We do not advise leaving it exposed to excessive moisture if you want to prolong its life.

Can I replace the battery in the GlowCurl USB LashStyler?

Our product has an integrated, non-replaceable battery. However, because it is rechargeable, all you have to do is use the USB cable that comes with it to recharge it whenever you need to.

How do I clean the GlowCurl USB LashStyler?

Use a damp cloth or alcohol pad to gently wipe the LashStyler's surface to keep it clean. To maintain its longevity and functionality, keep it out of the water and don't use any harsh chemicals on it.
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