FlexiCurl USB Eyelash Curler

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You can achieve gorgeous, long-lasting curls with the FlexiCurl USB Eyelash Curler. This rechargeable, portable curler effortlessly lifts and curls your lashes for a glamorous look with its LCD and comb.

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Discover the key to gorgeously curled lashes with the FlexiCurl USB Eyelash Curler. With this inventive heated eyelash curler, your lashes will stay perfectly curled all day. Its handy design and USB rechargeable battery make it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. The integrated comb lifts and separates each lash for a clump-free, naturally occurring curl, and the LCD display makes checking the temperature settings easy.
Your lashes will be expertly shaped without causing any damage with the help of the gentle yet powerful FlexiCurl, which rapidly heats up to provide the perfect amount of warmth. Its sophisticated, compact design makes it convenient to fit in your hand and carry in your makeup bag, making it an essential tool for any beauty routine.
Rechargeable Power

Included features include a touch switch design, an integrated rechargeable battery, and wireless continuous charging. With the integrated rechargeable battery, you can forget about endurance and electricity at the same time.

Eyelash Protection

Get gorgeously coiled lashes while protecting them from harm. This multipurpose tool safeguards lips, lashes, and eyes while curling or straightening lashes.

Consistent Heating

It’s easy to adjust the heating unit’s temperature whenever you need to thanks to its button.


The handy USB rechargeable design ensures portability and ease of use. Enjoy the flexibility of USB charging whenever and wherever you choose.

Frequent Asking Question

Browse through our FAQs to find what you need to know.

How does the FlexiCurl USB Eyelash Curler work?

With just a little heating up, the FlexiCurl can effortlessly lift and curl your lashes to give you gorgeous, long-lasting results. To achieve a gorgeous look, simply apply mascara, preheat the curler, and style your lashes.

Is the FlexiCurl safe for my lashes?

Of course! With the use of sophisticated ceramic heat technology, the FlexiCurl ensures that your lashes are curled safely and without breaking or damage.

How long does the curl last?

Your lashes will remain flawlessly curled all day with the FlexiCurl. With the rapid heating technology, you can have curls that last all day in just thirty seconds.

Can I use it on different lash types?

Yes, all lash types can use the FlexiCurl. Whether your lashes are thick, fine, or stubborn, you can adjust the heat level to fit your unique requirements thanks to the many temperature settings.

How do I recharge the FlexiCurl?

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Will it hurt to use the FlexiCurl?

Not at all! Every time you curl your lashes, the FlexiCurl will leave your lashes feeling soft and pain-free, in contrast to traditional curlers that can tug and pinch.
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Dimensions 170 × 50 × 50 cm

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