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You can easily turn lifeless lashes into opulent curls with Easy Curly Eyelash. Say goodbye to drooping lashes and hello to captivating curls in a matter of seconds!

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Buy 2 get 1 free
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Your lashes don’t seem to be as vibrant when you wake up eager to face the day. We’re able to help! The Simple Curly Eyelash is here! Gone are the days of clumpy mascara and pinching curlers. Our ground-breaking tool provides a mess-free, painless way to achieve flawless curls.

Your straight lashes can become sensational curls with just one button press. Ergonomic design guarantees comfort, and flawless engineering consistently produces outcomes. Adieu to traditional curlers’ hassle and hello to carefree elegance.

Easy Curly Eyelashes enhance your confidence in addition to your appearance. With well-defined, curly lashes framing your face and captivating onlookers, your eyes will pop and give you a powerful sense. Easy Curly Eyelash is ideal for conferences, evenings out, and romantic dinners. Let your eyes speak for you.

Quick Glam

With our heated eyelash curler, you can achieve gorgeous lashes in just 10 seconds. Instantly enjoy gorgeous curls that last all day.

Safe & Gentle

You can achieve gorgeous curls without endangering your lashes thanks to our innovative heat control system.

Easy Recharge

Easy USB-C charging that uses a 230mAh battery. Five minutes later, auto-off. Small size makes it easy to carry in your purse.

Perfect Heat

There are three options for mild temperatures: 65°C for fine lashes, 75°C for normal lashes, and 85°C for thick lashes. Find the perfect fit for you.


Our product fit easily in your grooming or travel bag, giving you perfect lashes anytime, anywhere!

Frequent Asked Question

Browse through our FAQs to find what you need to know.

How long does it take to heat up?

The heating process only takes ten seconds! It won't take you long to be ready to curl.

Is it safe for my lashes?

Absolutely! Our smart heat control ensures even, gentle heating to protect your lashes from damage.

How do I choose the right heat setting?

Three different temperatures are available: 85°C for thick lashes, 75°C for normal lashes, and 65°C for fine lashes. Select the one that best fits the type of lashes on you.

How do I recharge the curler?

It's simple! To recharge, use the USB-C cable that is included. A full charge allows for several uses.

Will it fit in my purse?

Yes, it is made to be portable and small. Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups!

What happens if I forget to turn it off?

No worries! The curler has an auto shut-off feature after 5 minutes of inactivity to keep you safe.
Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 140 × 70 × 50 cm

Pink set, White set

Electrical outlet


15 reviews for Easy Curly Eyelash

  1. Amanda Smith

    I love this product and it works perfectly for me and arrived fast. I recommend the seller

    Image #1 from Amanda Smith
    Image #2 from Amanda Smith
  2. Brian Johnson

    It arrived on time and works well normally I am testing it

    Image #1 from Brian Johnson
  3. Catherine Williams

    Order arrived on time is an excellent product I was fascinated and I recommend it to the 100%

    Image #1 from Catherine Williams
    Image #2 from Catherine Williams
    Image #3 from Catherine Williams
  4. David Brown

    Beautiful!!! Loved… great quality… Arrived super fast… I recommend the purchase of the product

    Image #1 from David Brown
    Image #2 from David Brown
    Image #3 from David Brown
  5. Emily Davis

    It is easy to use to charge with the cell phone bucket and it is a very good filler

    Image #1 from Emily Davis
    Image #2 from Emily Davis
    Image #3 from Emily Davis
  6. Frank Miller

    I didn’t think I’d be this impressed because I had bought a different one from another store before, and it never warmed up like this. I love it!

    Image #1 from Frank Miller
    Image #2 from Frank Miller
  7. Grace Wilson

    Curls eyelashes perfectly. Came charged. Charging cable included. On the heating element, protective silicone protects against damage to eyelashes.

    Image #1 from Grace Wilson
    Image #2 from Grace Wilson
  8. joeboy (store manager)

    I love Easy Curly Eyelash! They are super easy to apply and look so natural. I get compliments all the time. Highly recommend!

  9. Isabella Taylor (store manager)

    These lashes are a game-changer. They stay curled all day and are comfortable to wear. Will be buying more

  10. Jack Anderson (store manager)

    I liked it, the packaging was great, and the curl of the eyelashes works very well, I recommend it✨

    Image #1 from Jack Anderson
    Image #2 from Jack Anderson
    Image #3 from Jack Anderson
  11. Karen Thomas (store manager)

    where has this been all my life….it works great and doesn’t pull lashes out. I love it and use it all the time and when this one quits I will get another. Always will have this lash curler from now on….highly recommend

  12. Larry Martinez (store manager)

    Easy Curly Eyelash is my new favorite beauty product. They make my eyes pop and are so lightweight. Five stars!

    Image #1 from Larry Martinez
  13. Monica Harris (store manager)

    I was worried about putting something heated to my eye, but this achieved a good temperature and worked well at getting my eyelashes to curl up. I do still feel it every time before putting it to my face just to be sure.

  14. Nathan Clark (store manager)

    Arrived quickly, worked as expected, and stayed curled all day, my wife said is easy to use, and heats up fast!!!

  15. Olivia Lewis (store manager)

    I just started to charge it because it does not have any battery the box arrived very battered & open but it seems that if the product works

    Image #1 from Olivia Lewis
    Image #2 from Olivia Lewis
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