All -In- One Portable Screen Cleaner



All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner


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With our all-in-one portable cleaner, revolutionize the way you clean screens. This handy, effective tool removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints with ease, leaving your screens streak-free and crystal clean. Clarity is here; say goodbye to muck.

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Our Features:

Easy payment

Debit/ Credit cards

24/7 Guarantee

Support Guarantee

60 Days protection

Money back

High Elastic Range

Free to fold in any way and cut to any size, it decontaminates rapidly and effectively.

Detergent Prowess

The surface silicon carbide grain, composed of alumina, is the sole material that surpasses diamond in hardness.

Durable & Double Layer

The first layer consists of an alumina diamond stand, while the second layer is sponge. high toughness, strong absorption, and wear resistance.The intense friction will swiftly remove any oil and debris from the pot.

Natural Cleaning

To leverage the potent scrubbing qualities of the nanoparticles in this cleaning pad without using any risky chemicals, just immerse it in water.


What do I do if the spray runs out?

The spray bottle inside the case comes out and is refillable.

What is the spray?

It's a cleaner that is used for computers, TV and mobile phone. Caution: it is not a Windex type of compound.

How do you refill?

Put your thumb on the bottom of the backside of button and push up

How do you clean it?

One continues to use the pad until no longer effective.

Is it the best phone and iPad cleaner?

It’s the best so far. The cleaner is in a bottle that’s in a felt like sleeve. The shape is conducive to wiping it corner to corner. Side to side. 

What do I do if the spray runs out?

 Just ordered another one

what type of refilling screen cleaner should we use when it is empty?

There is no specific clearer, just use any clearer that is safe for electronics. It is the microfiber cloth that does the trick

Is this brand cruelty free?

It's a screen cleaner. It's cruel to bacteria.

How do you clean it?

You can probably wash it, it's some kind of sponge

Could I use this on my flat screen TV?

  Yes you can

Our All-in-One Portable Screen Cleaner is the ideal option for spotless screens. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this small device quickly and easily removes fingerprints, smudges, and dust off screens on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The microfiber cleaning pad guarantees a shine-free of scratches, and the included antimicrobial agent guards against microorganisms. Take this indispensable gear with you everywhere you go thanks to its stylish appearance and handy keychain connection. With our cutting-edge All-in-One Portable Screen Cleaner, you can enjoy brilliant clarity and prolong the life of your cherished screens. Accept that perfection is always available to you.


Gray With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color Box Set, Pink With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color box Set, Blue With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color Box Set

126 reviews for All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

  1. Toluwani Leonard

    Product equal to the description!, works very well! And it is portable, I like it very much!. Keep in mind that this color gets dirty fast but you can clean with soap and water.

    Image #1 from Toluwani Leonard
  2. Lola Grace

    I thought it would be a little more…. And so the norms

    Image #1 from Lola Grace
  3. Emmanuel Abodunrin

    Very useful and well built.

    Image #1 from Emmanuel Abodunrin
  4. Toke Chibike

    It’s okay, but you have to carve a little bit for me to clean well.

    Image #1 from Toke Chibike
  5. Shalewa Omobolanle

    Came even earlier than promised, Works great

    Image #1 from Shalewa Omobolanle
  6. Funmilade Sabdat

    Delivery was faster than expected and the product works well.

    Image #1 from Funmilade Sabdat
  7. Toke Adeoluwa

    For all of you out there, t work and the price is great, the build quality is quite good, after all worth it.

    Image #1 from Toke Adeoluwa
  8. Mohammed Elizabeth

    The product is good, the packaging is great

    Image #1 from Mohammed Elizabeth
  9. Fatima Omobolaji

    All as described. Convenient.

    Image #1 from Fatima Omobolaji
    Image #2 from Fatima Omobolaji
    Image #3 from Fatima Omobolaji
  10. Simisola Atanda

    Made beautifully and qualitatively! Fully consistent with the product description. Fast delivery. Seller thank you!

    Image #1 from Simisola Atanda
    Image #2 from Simisola Atanda
    Image #3 from Simisola Atanda
  11. Simisola Motalo

    Item as described. Fast shipping. Combined Delivery. Recommended also seller

    Image #1 from Simisola Motalo
    Image #2 from Simisola Motalo
    Image #3 from Simisola Motalo
  12. Chimamanda Ayomide

    Good phone cleaner!

    Image #1 from Chimamanda Ayomide
    Image #2 from Chimamanda Ayomide
  13. Sekinat Onohinosen

    I liked it very good product

    Image #1 from Sekinat Onohinosen
  14. Nnamdi Kimberly

    Perfect!!Exactly as described! Thank you!

    Image #1 from Nnamdi Kimberly
    Image #2 from Nnamdi Kimberly
  15. Bankole Funmilade

    I liked the cleaner. Made quality

    Image #1 from Bankole Funmilade
    Image #2 from Bankole Funmilade
  16. Zainab Olubunmi

    Easy to use and refill

    Image #1 from Zainab Olubunmi
    Image #2 from Zainab Olubunmi
  17. Funmilayo Okonkwo

    Very cool advice!

    Image #1 from Funmilayo Okonkwo
    Image #2 from Funmilayo Okonkwo
    Image #3 from Funmilayo Okonkwo
  18. Akanni Nwogu

    I loved the product and the color❤️❤️

    Image #1 from Akanni Nwogu
    Image #2 from Akanni Nwogu
  19. Kubura Makuachukwu

    Good product

    Image #1 from Kubura Makuachukwu
    Image #2 from Kubura Makuachukwu
  20. Ayebatari Isokun

    Great! Second time order) Thank you!

    Image #1 from Ayebatari Isokun
    Image #2 from Ayebatari Isokun
  21. Gbemisola Obianuju

    Everything is OK, cool, fast delivery

    Image #1 from Gbemisola Obianuju
    Image #2 from Gbemisola Obianuju
  22. Musa Mayowa

    Overall it’s good,

    Image #1 from Musa Mayowa
    Image #2 from Musa Mayowa
  23. Samuel Ifunanya

    Good, comfortable and useful.

    Image #1 from Samuel Ifunanya
    Image #2 from Samuel Ifunanya
  24. Ifeoma Jamiu

    It’s the third time I buy it very good

    Image #1 from Ifeoma Jamiu
    Image #2 from Ifeoma Jamiu
  25. Obioma Nwachukwu

    As in the image and fulfills its function

    Image #1 from Obioma Nwachukwu
    Image #2 from Obioma Nwachukwu
  26. Justina Oko

    Very convenient

    Image #1 from Justina Oko
    Image #2 from Justina Oko
    Image #3 from Justina Oko
  27. Bukola Ismail

    I recommend it good product, I arrive quickly

    Image #1 from Bukola Ismail
  28. Ikenna Joshua

    The size is correct. I recommend the seller

    Image #1 from Ikenna Joshua
  29. Abisoye Aligbe

    Already use it. Great!!!

    Image #1 from Abisoye Aligbe
  30. Onome Oluwaseun

    Perfect for cleaning screens

    Image #1 from Onome Oluwaseun
  31. Tobiloba Aremu

    Excellent product.

    Image #1 from Tobiloba Aremu
    Image #2 from Tobiloba Aremu
    Image #3 from Tobiloba Aremu
  32. Ayebatari Okunola

    Looks fine. Haven’t tried it yet

    Image #1 from Ayebatari Okunola
  33. Banji Motalo

    As in the description, arrived very quickly

    Image #1 from Banji Motalo
  34. Omawunmi Wuraola

    Good spray, everything works fine

    Image #1 from Omawunmi Wuraola
  35. John bassey

    it works as described.

  36. Ireti Ajakaiye

    amazing, cleans the phone easily

    Image #1 from Ireti Ajakaiye
  37. Chimamanda Onyinyechukwu

    Parcel received in good shape and accurate

    Image #1 from Chimamanda Onyinyechukwu
  38. Titi Bamisebi

    Good product same as the photo 🙂

    Image #1 from Titi Bamisebi
  39. Lola Abosede

    Everything came, but I haven’t checked it yet.

    Image #1 from Lola Abosede
  40. Aminu Sanusi

    Complies with description, very cheered

    Image #1 from Aminu Sanusi
  41. Adewunmi Lola

    Works as advertised

    Image #1 from Adewunmi Lola
    Image #2 from Adewunmi Lola
  42. Uzoamaka Obioma

    Good product.

    Image #1 from Uzoamaka Obioma
    Image #2 from Uzoamaka Obioma
  43. Chiekwugo Ukaegbunam

    Nice product, fast delivery.

    Image #1 from Chiekwugo Ukaegbunam
    Image #2 from Chiekwugo Ukaegbunam
  44. Ofodile Chimaobim

    Not the first time ordered

    Image #1 from Ofodile Chimaobim
  45. Ozoemena Onyekaozulu

    Thank you very good site

    Image #1 from Ozoemena Onyekaozulu
    Image #2 from Ozoemena Onyekaozulu
  46. Dike Chiekwugo

    Cool, happy to buy

    Image #1 from Dike Chiekwugo
  47. Chigozie Chidalu

    Wipe it well.

    Image #1 from Chigozie Chidalu
  48. Ikechukwu Jideofor

    All Super

    Image #1 from Ikechukwu Jideofor
  49. Aminu Olawale


    Image #1 from Aminu Olawale
    Image #2 from Aminu Olawale
  50. Omolara Wuraola

    Excellent same as the photo

    Image #1 from Omolara Wuraola
  51. Sname Ehigiator

    Good thing

    Image #1 from Sname Ehigiator
  52. Adewunmi mercy


    Image #1 from Adewunmi mercy
    Image #2 from Adewunmi mercy
  53. Wale Omolade

    Very good everything

    Image #1 from Wale Omolade
  54. Oluwashina Jolayemi

    Good product and compact

    Image #1 from Oluwashina Jolayemi
  55. Miracle johnson

    Wipe it well.

    Image #1 from Miracle johnson
  56. Ngozi Chukwu

    Is great. I quite like it.

    Image #1 from Ngozi Chukwu
  57. Chiamaka mary

    Is what is promised, all okey

    Image #1 from Chiamaka mary
  58. Jimoh Oluwatosin

    Very good items.

    Image #1 from Jimoh Oluwatosin
  59. Wuraola Sulaimon

    I’m very satisfied,

    Image #1 from Wuraola Sulaimon
  60. Olasunkanmi-fasayo

    All great thank you.

    Image #1 from Olasunkanmi-fasayo
  61. Olumide Dada

    Arrived quickly, the description matches, the description seems to be what it should be.

    Image #1 from Olumide Dada
  62. Juliana Olusola

    Bought before and wasn’t disappointed, it’s useful.

    Image #1 from Juliana Olusola
    Image #2 from Juliana Olusola
  63. Francis Iyere

    This product work well. I recommend the seller

    Image #1 from Francis Iyere
    Image #2 from Francis Iyere
    Image #3 from Francis Iyere
  64. Joseph Okoro

    Convenient spray gun, perfectly cleans smartphone, watch, tablet and more. Delivery fast. I recommend for purchase. Reliable and responsible store, with quality service. Thank you!❤️

    Image #1 from Joseph Okoro
    Image #2 from Joseph Okoro
  65. Mathew Boniface

    Thank you, I received the order. Was very satisfied with the purchase. The product was well packed and was not damaged during transportation. The quality of the product is great. The seller is reliable and prompt. My recommendations!!!

    Image #1 from Mathew Boniface
    Image #2 from Mathew Boniface
    Image #3 from Mathew Boniface
  66. Patrick Solomon

    Exactly as stated by the seller. The product is of good quality, I recommend it. Packaging is reliable.

    Image #1 from Patrick Solomon
    Image #2 from Patrick Solomon
  67. sola Fikayo

    The color is not as clear as the picture but it’s okay.

    Image #1 from sola Fikayo
  68. Mary olufemi

    It cleans well, I have poured liquid, and I use it, the dust case is comfortable, protects.

  69. Sunday Ifanyi

    Many thanks to the seller for the speed returned the items quickly rewarded with 5 stars.

    Image #1 from Sunday Ifanyi
  70. ifeoluwa Abiola

    I love this product, I bought it to clean the tablet screen and it really makes it spectacular material is completely adapted and the product is super small to be able to take it anywhere. I love it a lot, so I totally recommend it

    Image #1 from ifeoluwa Abiola
    Image #2 from ifeoluwa Abiola
  71. Femi Ola

    The product is just so practical, small and fine & only to recommend!

    Image #1 from Femi Ola
  72. Gabriel Usman

    Product is what it looks like. It’s very nice.

    Image #1 from Gabriel Usman
  73. Titilayo Afolabi

    I will order again. I love this product

    Image #1 from Titilayo Afolabi
  74. Buchi Yussuf

    Screen Cleaner smartphone All-in-one, everything is as described, I am satisfied with the phone, I attach the photo, I advise the seller!! Delivery as promised!

    Image #1 from Buchi Yussuf
    Image #2 from Buchi Yussuf
    Image #3 from Buchi Yussuf
  75. Rasheedah Sumayyah Opeyemi

    This very cool came to me in less than 2 days and cleans super well Super recommended

    Image #1 from Rasheedah Sumayyah Opeyemi
    Image #2 from Rasheedah Sumayyah Opeyemi
    Image #3 from Rasheedah Sumayyah Opeyemi
  76. Akunna Funmilayo

    Great product. Everything arrived quickly: Packed very well. Did not communicate with the seller. Definitely recommend seller and product

    Image #1 from Akunna Funmilayo
    Image #2 from Akunna Funmilayo
  77. Yusuf Chisom Adewale


    Image #1 from Yusuf Chisom Adewale
    Image #2 from Yusuf Chisom Adewale
    Image #3 from Yusuf Chisom Adewale
  78. Tari Ekwueme

    Good quality product as described, fast delivery! Will buy again thanks!

    Image #1 from Tari Ekwueme
    Image #2 from Tari Ekwueme
  79. Titilope Bello

    I liked this super father to clean ipad and cell phones

    Image #1 from Titilope Bello
    Image #2 from Titilope Bello
  80. Olumide Gbogboade

    The product is as in the photo measures 9 cm, the only bad thing is that it comes out very easily from the transparent case protector (3 photo).

    Image #1 from Olumide Gbogboade
    Image #2 from Olumide Gbogboade
    Image #3 from Olumide Gbogboade
  81. Adaugo Olutola

    It is the same as the images, it comes with cleaning liquid.

    Image #1 from Adaugo Olutola