All -In- One Portable Screen Cleaner



All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner


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With our all-in-one portable cleaner, revolutionize the way you clean screens. This handy, effective tool removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints with ease, leaving your screens streak-free and crystal clean. Clarity is here; say goodbye to muck.

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Our Features:

Easy payment

Debit/ Credit cards

24/7 Guarantee

Support Guarantee

60 Days protection

Money back

High Elastic Range

Free to fold in any way and cut to any size, it decontaminates rapidly and effectively.

Detergent Prowess

The surface silicon carbide grain, composed of alumina, is the sole material that surpasses diamond in hardness.

Durable & Double Layer

The first layer consists of an alumina diamond stand, while the second layer is sponge. high toughness, strong absorption, and wear resistance.The intense friction will swiftly remove any oil and debris from the pot.

Natural Cleaning

To leverage the potent scrubbing qualities of the nanoparticles in this cleaning pad without using any risky chemicals, just immerse it in water.


What do I do if the spray runs out?

The spray bottle inside the case comes out and is refillable.

What is the spray?

It's a cleaner that is used for computers, TV and mobile phone. Caution: it is not a Windex type of compound.

How do you refill?

Put your thumb on the bottom of the backside of button and push up

How do you clean it?

One continues to use the pad until no longer effective.

Is it the best phone and iPad cleaner?

It’s the best so far. The cleaner is in a bottle that’s in a felt like sleeve. The shape is conducive to wiping it corner to corner. Side to side. 

What do I do if the spray runs out?

 Just ordered another one

what type of refilling screen cleaner should we use when it is empty?

There is no specific clearer, just use any clearer that is safe for electronics. It is the microfiber cloth that does the trick

Is this brand cruelty free?

It's a screen cleaner. It's cruel to bacteria.

How do you clean it?

You can probably wash it, it's some kind of sponge

Could I use this on my flat screen TV?

  Yes you can


Our All-in-One Portable Screen Cleaner is the ideal option for spotless screens. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this small device quickly and easily removes fingerprints, smudges, and dust off screens on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The microfiber cleaning pad guarantees a shine-free of scratches, and the included antimicrobial agent guards against microorganisms. Take this indispensable gear with you everywhere you go thanks to its stylish appearance and handy keychain connection. With our cutting-edge All-in-One Portable Screen Cleaner, you can enjoy brilliant clarity and prolong the life of your cherished screens. Accept that perfection is always available to you.

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Gray With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color Box Set, Pink With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color box Set, Blue With (AS Shell) + 10ml Detergent Color Box Set

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