Frequently Asked Questions

After receiving the machine, charge it for 3-5 hours first. Note that when charging normally, the light on the charger will light up like breathing. When fully charged, the indicator light is always on. If the light doesn’t come on, the charger may be making poor contact with the bottle

Yes but don’t use big pieces.

Yes you can drink out of it

The capacity of this bottle is 350ml (11.83 oz). 

Yes, this will not affect the machine, but it is not recommended for the freshness of the juice. After juicing is done, replace the separate bottom cover at the bottom and put it in the refrigerator. Note that the bottom with a motor cannot be put in the refrigerator.

No.Its switch button is at the bottom. The switch button is inconvenient to use when charging.

Yes it does. Not as loud as a regular blender but not quiet.  The size of the power is the core driving force for the work of the screw blades of the juicer. r, our products have good quiet performance.

Our wireless fast charger takes only 2 hours to charge it full.

You can expect to get up to 10 uses on a single charge.