At Caravix, we use cutting-edge IPL technology to transform hair removal and provide all skin types with long-lasting, safe smoothness

"Experience the freedom of flawless skin with Caravix IPL – where advanced technology meets effortless beauty."
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Our Story
Welcome to Caravix. Our starting point was the notion that everyone should have skin devoid of hair and problems. Motivated by this idea, we decided to use our IPL technology to completely transform the hair removal market.

Our goal is to provide you with a salon-caliber, user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Experts collaborated to create the revolutionary Caravix IPL SmoothSkin Pro™, which combines safety, efficacy, and convenience. This easy-to-use device, recommended by dermatologists, is beneficial for all skin types. It has never been simpler to achieve long-lasting smoothness with Caravix. Come along with us as we journey toward effortless beauty and discover the freedom that comes with having perfect skin.

Shave & Clean

Prepare your skin by cleaning and shaving the desired area

Adjust Energy Level

Using the Caravix device, select the appropriate intensity level.

Press The Flasing Button

As you gently move the device over your skin, it will begin to work its magic.

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