The New Rechargeable Juicing Blender

Simple & Fast

A Special Blending Design For Speed and Efficiency


Rechargeable Juicing Blender

Unique Product In Town

We recognize that, due to your ongoing demand for portability and strength, you require a blender that you can use anywhere. For this reason, we developed the Rechargeable Juicing Blender. It has the ability to blend your chosen shakes, juices, and smoothies and has a sleek and stylish aesthetic that fits any lifestyle.


Smoothies For Every Style

You can blend anytime and wherever you want using our rechargeable juicing blender

Smoothie perfection for breakfast, frozen cocktail gatherings with friends, chunk-free protein beverages at the gym, and lattes of barista caliber at your workstation.

Noise Free

Comfort And Convenience Everywhere

Bring it with you wherever you go and make your preferred smoothie without being concerned about making too much noise.


External Cleaning

Cleaning is really fairly easy. Simply fill the blender bottle with water and a drop of optional soap before cleaning. To begin the automatic cleaning procedure, double-click the ON/OFF button. Allow it to run until it is entirely clean

Recharging Wireless

It powered by an integrated 1400mh rechargeable battery. You may enjoy a beverage when traveling, exercising, at home, or anyplace else outdoors because our device can be recharged via any USB connection for 2-3 hours between uses

It Safe

It safe and dependable while sipping tasty juice because to its eco-friendly material and cutting-edge safety design, which provides you with an extra layer of protection. It uses a wireless magnetic charging station to charge rapidly and easily

Smoothies Of High Quality Tailored To Your Taste

Effective Blender Force

Our stainless steel blades,  has a powerful motor, and additional ingredients like frozen fruits, nuts, leafy greens, and more, you can create the perfect smoothie in 30 seconds.

Wireless Charging

The blender will begin to charge as soon as you set it down on the charging station. One battery provides power for over 15 blends and recharges quickly.

Fast Cleaning

Cleaning the blender will be the simplest task of the day thanks to its dishwasher-safe components and complete waterproofness. The only portable blender on the market that is completely watertight.