World-class All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

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Remove Stains With Ease, Using The All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

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All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

A technical leap in hygiene is exhibited. In the fast-paced, digital era where screens rule our lives, this simple cleaning tool has emerged as the ideal friend for spotless, crystal-clear displays.

The age of unclean displays and vexing fingerprints is over. You may restore the brightness of your devices using the All-in-One Portable Screen Cleaner. This cutting-edge cleaning tool combines functionality with unsurpassed performance. It was created with precision and efficiency in mind.

With its cutting-edge microfiber technology, the soft, sensitive cloth gently removes dirt, dust, and even the most stubborn stains, leaving your screens spotless. Its anti-static characteristics ensure a clean, residue-free surface, resulting in a consistently excellent viewing experience.

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Product Benefits

All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner


It ensures a crystal-clear display and prolongs the lifespan of your devices, making it a convenient and effective solution for maintaining their optimal performance.


Fiber sponge

It offers gentle yet effective cleaning, preventing scratches and smudges while removing dust and fingerprints from screens with ease.


Efficient Cleansing

It ensures a crystal-clear display, prolongs the device’s lifespan, and reduces the spread of germs for an enhanced user experience.


Detached Container

It allows for easy refilling and ensures a mess-free application, making it convenient and efficient for maintaining pristine screens.

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All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

Our pricing can be described as competitive and flexible. We understand the importance of offering fair and transparent prices to our valued customers. We strive to provide affordable options while maintaining the quality and value of our products/ services.

All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

₦  5,500.00

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All-In-One Portable Screen Cleaner

The small and flexible design of this screen kit will provide you with a distinctive cleaning experience.

Great Cleaning Power

Rust And Stubborn Stains

Easy To Carry

Durable, Visible

Reusable Fabric

Washable, Dry, Multiple Use

Suitable For All Screens

Versatile application

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