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Caravix IPL SmoothSkin Pro™ is the best at-home solution for hair removal that is long-lasting, secure, and efficient


Caravix IPL Smooth Hair Removal Pro™

Welcome to Caravix! We believe that everyone should have skin free of hair and hassles. Discover how you can efficiently and conveniently remove hair from the comfort of your own home with our state-of-the-art IPL technology.

Effortless Smoothness

Easy to use and effortless hair removal. Savor flawlessly smooth skin every time!


How Caravix IPL SmoothSkin Pro™ Works

Shave & Clean

Prepare your skin by cleaning and shaving the desired area

Adjust Energy Level

Using the Caravix device, select the appropriate intensity level.

Press The Flasing Button

As you gently move the device over your skin, it will begin to work its magic.

Lasting Confidence


Safe & Gentle

Skin-friendly and approved by dermatologists. Kind to your skin, firm to undesired hair


Are We Unique?


Swiftly achieve smooth skin with our IPL device, offering efficient hair removal for time-conscious individuals.

Safety First

Dermatologically-tested, equipped with skin protection for safe, gentle hair removal; ensuring effectiveness and safety

Easy to Use

Effortless, convenient hair removal: intuitive design, simple operation, perfect for at-home use, ensuring ease and effectiveness.


Affordable choice for lasting smoothness, saving on salon visits, and providing excellent long-term value.

What Our Customers Say

The Caravix IPL is revolutionary! Now my skin is really smooth. Strongly advised
Elizabeth B. Hernandez
Easy and efficient! My skin feels so good. The Caravix IPL is well worth the cost.
Ruthie R. Campbell
enduringly silky skin without effort. The Caravix IPL surpassed my anticipations.
Joseph S. Breault


Got Questions? We've got Answers

How does Caravix IPL SmoothSkin Pro™ work?

Using Intense Pulsed Light technology, Caravix IPL targets and disables hair follicles, gradually slowing down the growth of new hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light energy, thereby preventing further hair growth

Is Caravix IPL suitable for all skin types?

A wide spectrum of skin tones and hair colors can be effectively treated with Caravix IPL. On the other hand, light to medium skin tones with darker hair benefit from it the most. Always run a patch test, and for information on specific skin types' compatibility, consult the user manual

How often should I use Caravix IPL for optimal results?

Use Caravix IPL once a week for the first 4–12 weeks to get the best results. To maintain smooth, hair-free skin after the first treatment period, you can cut back on the frequency to once a month or as needed

Is the treatment painful?

Most users only experience mild discomfort, often described as a warming or tingling sensation. The intensity settings on the Caravix IPL device allow you to customize the treatment to your preferred level of comfort

Can I use Caravix IPL on all body parts?

Caravix IPL is safe to use on most body parts, including the arms, legs, bikini line, underarms, and face (below the cheekbones). Avoid using the device in close proximity to sensitive areas such as the eyes and genitalia

How soon will I see results?

Many users report less hair growth after just a few treatments; significant benefits usually show up after 4–8 weeks of consistent use. Individual results may vary depending on skin tone, hair type, and adherence to treatment schedule

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